Welcome to Designs By Chelsea. I have always had a passion and talent for technology, computers, graphics, and website design. As a stay at home mother stationed in Japan, I found myself becoming  restless at home all day with a newborn baby and my siamese cat Oliver. I realized that I wanted to begin my own businesses to stay occupied and productive. I opened my own businesses successfully and realized I needed a website to quickly gather clientele.


I spent hours working on my website and logo design. I became enthralled with creating something new and exciting to showcase to my family and friends. Through self taught techniques, I quickly realized that I had a talent for graphic design and I fell absolutely in love with everything that came with it. Soon after that I had my own business and my own identity. 

Three years later my family and I re-stationed to Pensacola Florida. Again, knowing that my heart stayed at home with my Princess and animals, I decided to start my own businesses once again. ​Soon after re-designing websites and developing new skill sets, my family and friends were inquiring for me to design their websites and brand logos. I was nervous at first because I had only created designs for my businesses and I didn't know if I had what it took to create stunning results for others. After my devoting husband sat me down and gave me a much needed pep talk about confidence and determination, I decided to give it a go, and put my experience on the table. 


Now, I offer my services for anyone who would like to showcase what they love most through their business, hobbies, etc. Let me make you shine with a unique and gorgeous website. I enjoy putting my creativity to the test to create unique and stylish brand logos. Brand designing is about your personality and character to stand out from the competition. I understand what it takes to have your own business and what it means to stand apart from the crowd. I enjoy being affordable for all businesses, big and small.  I've provided my clients with extensive design services and delivered stunning results. I bring considerable experience and a wide range of skills to the table. I work endlessly to ensure every client receives the website of their dreams. I will use an assortment of different programs and techniques to transform your business into a beautiful website that truly expresses your personality. I create stunning graphics and visuals to enhance engagement for your website. The long lasting impact of a stunning website with visual appeal is my goal and I do not stop until it's attained.

My favorite things to do are spending time with my friends and family, graphic design, raising my precious daughters, reading, blogging about my adorable dachshunds, and creating beautiful as well as unique websites.